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My work is an evolving analysis of progress and wellbeing; I publish in many fields (often by invitation); and I write for both scientific and popular publications. For these reasons, papers and articles may be variations on a common theme or summaries of longer works, with overlapping content.

My book, Well & Good (available on the 'Books' page), draws together much of my work up to 2004.

The major papers are marked *. Most of the attached papers are author-created, 'post-print', versions of the final paper. The published papers are available from the journal websites (although usually for a fee or through subscription).

This material is provided for non-commercial research and education use. It is not to be reproduced, distributed, or used for commercial purposes without permission. If advising others of papers, please forward web-links rather than pdfs so I have a better idea of their use.


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Progress, development and sustainablity

 *Eckersley, R. 2019. Closing the gap between the science and politics of progress: Science’s greatest challenge. Social Indicators Research, vol. 141, pp. 919-929. Paper.

*Randle, M., Eckersley, R., Miller L. 2017. Societal and personal concerns, their associations with stress, and the implications for progress and the future. Futures, vol. 93, pp.68-79. Paper.

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Eckersley, R. 2014. Subjective well-being and the mismeasure of progress. In A Podger and D Trewin (eds). Measuring and Promoting Well-Being: How Important is Economic Growth? Essays in honour of Ian Castles AO and a selection of Castles’ papers. Canberra: ANU ePress and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Paper.

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Health and wellbeing

Eckersley, R. 2015. Beyond inequality: Acknowledging the complexity of social determinants of health. Social Science & Medicine, 147, 121-125. Full paper.

Eckersley, R. 2012. The science and politics of population health: Giving health a greater role in public policy. Australia 21, Canberra. (This is a reprint of a 2011 paper in WebmedCentral, plus reviews and commentaries.) Full paper.

*Eckersley R. 2011. The science and politics of population health: Giving health a greater role in public policy. WebmedCentral PUBLIC HEALTH 2011; 2(3):WMC001697. Full paper.

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Young people’s health and wellbeing

Eckersley, R. 2012. The denial behind youth suicide. Croakey, 19 September (recently added to site). Article.

*Eckersley, R. 2011. A new narrative of young people’s health and wellbeing. Journal of Youth Studies, vol.14, no. 5, pp. 627-638 . Full paper.

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Eckersley R. 2009. Teaching happiness: hope or hype? Unpublished article based on keynote address to the First Australian Positive Psychology in Education Symposium, May 2009, Sydney University. Article.

*Eckersley R. 2008. Values and visions - youth and the failure of modern western culture. Youth Studies Australia, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 10-19 (reprint of 1995 article). Full paper.  See also: Points of view, Youth Studies Australia, vol 14, no 2, Winter 1995, pp. 46-52. Paper. (Archived with permission of journal, which retains copyright.)  

*Eckersley R. 2008. Never better – or getting worse? The health and wellbeing of young Australians.Australia 21 Ltd, Canberra. Full report.

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Eckersley R. 1999. What the !#&* have values got to do with anything! Young people, youth culture and well-being. In White R. (Ed). Australian Youth Subcultures: On the Margins and in the Mainstream. Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, Hobart, pp. 209-221. Full paper.

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*Eckersley R. 1988. Casualties of change - the predicament of youth in Australia. Australian Commission for the Future, Melbourne. Full report.


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